Mya Kerner

A Mountain's Pulse

Photos by Sebastian Cvitanic

a mountain’s pulse is an interdisciplinary project directed by Paige Barnes in collaboration with visual artist Mya Kerner that illuminates the connection between body and earth, linking the story of a person's pulse with that of a mountain. This project combines Paige’s research of pulse listening/dancing and Mya’s explorations of the landscape.

While studying Chinese medicine at Bastyr University, pulse listening inspired Paige to develop a new dance practice. In 2017, she began explorations on the intersection of pulse and art during an Olympic Sculpture Park residency. Mya came into the project this year after Paige saw an exhibition of her wire drawings on panel. Paige and Mya aim to develop this practice by incorporating digital media and sculpture through a series of residencies and performances over the next two years, each focusing on a different aspect of research.