Mya Kerner
Inward, then outward, guided by the space between stones.


Gardens and Florals

Growing up resentful of the chore of watering annual flats which filled in our yard and driveway, I never thought my path would head in this direction! I hated standing there in the sun, carefully making sure not to get any water on the leaves of the plants. However, my family's landscaping business in the Philadelphia area has had a profound impact on my interests, especially over the last several years. 

I am excited to announce the beginnings of my own gardening and floral business in the Seattle area. Studying at Bastyr University, I am expanding my expertise to include a biodiverse approach in working with the landscape to incorporate therapeutic and medicinal plants in the garden. My floral design is an element of this business and reflects similar ideals. 

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 Photo by  Zak Helenkse .

Photo by Zak Helenkse.

Mya Kerner