Mya Kerner
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"Ahh, quiet blue vistas. This is the elegant work of Seattle based artist Mya Kerner. Not only are these oil paintings poetic, but so are her words about this work:

“When I look out into the landscape, I see scratched lines breaking through the slopes, while flecks of white dapple on eroded surfaces, recalling their winter dress, recalling cooler seasons.” ~ Mya Kerner

Sigh. Now I need mittens and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Happy Monday."

The Jealous Curator - November 2016


"The art you chose for this space is really something special.  I feel like I lucked out with the art.  It's often hard to find the perfect pieces, and clients don't always want to make the investment.  The artwork I used here is from local artists Noël  Fountain and Mya Kerner. Noël's painting above the buffet brings in a richness of color and texture, while Mya's cast-iron wall sculpture highlights the fireplace and injects geometry into the space.  I had originally borrowed the pieces from both artists, but once they were in place, the clients couldn't resist making them permanent!  . . . . "

Luxe Interiors & Design - Sept/Oct 2015


"Perhaps even more humble than Tomlinson’s faux-paper is Mya Kerner’s tiny creation “A Romanticization.” A minute splinter from an old log rests on a pedestal, and from its top rises a little plantlike sprout molded in bronze. While this little sprig is a testament to nature’s beauty and tenacity, it is also quite encouraging to the individual facing adversity or impediments." 

Knight Art Foundation - February 2013

“Haunting paintings by Seattle based artist Mya Kerner that seem like fading memories of beautiful views long gone.  Dissolved by time, perhaps?  Or maybe they’re wishes coming to, slowly forming in front of us yet still so far off.”

Supersonic Art - April 2016


"To tie the living room together, Dirkse suggested [...] a cast-iron sculpture by Mya Kerner above the fireplace, [...]  Dirkse initially borrowed them for a test hang. Once they saw the pieces in their space, Wagher says, their value was undeniable. “We fell in love with them and had to have them,” Davis says. “We love to pick out art, and we want to work with local artists.”

Seattle Times - February 2016


"In between images of the personal artwork uploaded to Mya Kerner’s Tumblr page, you’ll find thought-provoking quotes from luminaries like Pablo Neruda and Henry David Thoreau. It makes sense, really, in that her own work is a form of poetic expression in itself. Whether it be purposefully scorched pieces of wood or texturized, frothy paintings of water like the ones seen above, Kerner engages in a dialogue with life and nature. As viewers, we just get to reap the benefits of that conversation."

— 2013 Review by Jenny Bahn